Our consultancy services aim to support organisational development by using the full potential of individual and cultural differences.


Some issues cannot be tackled by making an either-or choice, as both choices have advantages. Our consultants can guide the organisation in recognising and managing these issues more effectively. Our consultancy projects can be supported by web-based tools such as the Corporate Culture Scan, and may include interviews across businesses and functions, presentations to stakeholders, custom-made workshops and coaching.

You may recognise the following issues:

  • Your organisation is growing, maybe expanding internationally. The corporate culture changes with the diversity of employees, and you want to secure the organisation’s core strengths.
  • Your department aims to reduce costs and secure efficiency gains, yet without losing out on quality and effectiveness.
  • Your organisation considers a merger or acquisition and would like to evaluate the potential partnership from a cultural angle, analysing the threats and opportunities of integrating the ‘human systems’.
  • To effectively manage a current change process, you want to prepare for resistance and understand the impact on the corporate culture.

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