Our customers

Our customers recognise diversity as both a challenge and
an opportunity to create continuous learning and development.

Our customers

Our customers are multinational companies (from different industries and from small and medium size to Fortune 500), educational institutes and government bodies. What they have in common is that they recognise diversity as both a challenge and an opportunity to create continuous learning and development.
Our customers include:

  • 3M (Germany, Russia)
  • Alstom Transport
  • Amsterdam Law School
  • BiD Network
  • Bolloré Logistics Netherlands
  • Canon Europe
  • Clingendael (Netherlands Institute of International Relations)
  • Decos Technology Group (Netherlands, India)
  • International Congress and Convention Association (India, Germany, Puerto Rico)
  • Nissan Europe (France, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, UAE)
  • Rabobank International
  • SC Johnson
  • Shimano Academy (Part of Shimano Europe Holding)
  • Utrecht University of Applied Sciences
  • Volvo Group University (Part of Volvo Group, Sweden)

What our customers say about us

“For me the training was exactly what I had expected! Big compliment! Good theoretical basement. Good practical translation. Good personalization. I can use it tomorrow and still much to learn and understand. Set up great. 1.5 hour power sessions. Morning, afternoon. Really great. I can really think of nothing to improve now. Big thanks!” Shimano Europe Team leader in a 3-day virtual training on Cultural Effectiveness (with an emphasis on working with the Japanese)

“Extremely knowledgeable trainer, with great real-life examples. My interactions with global colleagues will improve, as a result of this class. I will be able to have a better understanding of what to expect and how to manage multi cultural teams.” Participants of Cross Cultural Leadership programme in the USA

“The coaching sessions were really personal and interactive. It provided me with clear examples that I could use in achieving personal and business goals within our organization, and new knowledge of different cultures which are important to consider when working in an international environment. Thanks to the workshops I’m now in complete confidence to level up with my international colleagues and partners.” Executive at Shimano Europe

“Contents is very fruitful and efficient. One of the best trainings I have taken. In terms of cultural learning, even better than pre-expat cultural training. Instructor is very motivating, giving a good understanding of each cross cultural mindset.” Participants of Cross Cultural Leadership programme in Japan

“Very good and I recommended it already to many of my colleagues. Teacher was very knowledgeable and very good. I think this is fantastic training for our business model and organisational culture. Very importantly in Asia, we must learn this quickly and enhance our global thinking.” Participants of Cross Cultural Leadership programme in India

“Before having this session, I had the image “Culture” is based mainly on nationality, born place, in which country to grow up, etc. But during this session, I could think deeper about “Culture” from wider aspects, and I could enjoy this session very much. I could enjoy the session and I didn’t feel that 4 hours session is too long for this time! Having some breaks & interesting questions after that, made us keep concentrated!” Participants of a virtual Cross Cultural Agility programme

“Thank you for your patience, kindness, professionalism, and most of all for having chosen to make a career out of helping others. I enjoy my working life again. I have the ability now to not let external factors barge into my ‘safe haven’. Work is again a place where I feel at home. I would like to recommend your job counselling course to anyone wanting to improve their performance at work or become a happier person in general. You’re incredibly good at what you do: ’coaching and advising people in job situations where they feel something needs to be improved, for whatever reason’.”  Professional at Nissan Motor Parts Center BV

“It was very interactive, not like a lecture, and it was good to do exercises. The explanation and interaction was great, and the trainer was experienced with many cultures. She was positive and enthusiastic, and helped to summarise and verbalise thoughts to talk about differences in an international team.” Participants of Cross Cultural Effectiveness programme in Finland.

“I think it was the most fruitful and entertaining workshop of the programme. It will contribute to our professional future. Very professional and the topic was interesting.”
Participants in a training for government officials from the Secretariat General for EU affairs of Turkey

“Through the games, discussions, interviews and creative activities, people had a great time. However, you could see that you had a clear and well thought out strategy, you knew what you wanted to achieve and kept this goal in mind throughout. You helped us to rediscover ourselves. Thank you very much.”
Director of Advertising Agency

“You have a real natural way of explaining things and are very fair to both men and women. I want you to know how happy I am with your Gender Advantage and Model of Freedom workshops. The way you inspired both the male and female participants at our Crossing-Cultures Congress is something we will remember for ever.”
Senior lecturer in Intercultural Management, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences

“The coaching session provided me with steps that I could use in achieving my personal goals. They provided me with the knowledge of different culture skills which are important to consider when living in a different environment. Thanks to my coach, I am now able to move forward as I believe I can now make my goals and dreams come true.”
Professional at IBM.

“As I have a lot to do with other cultures in regards to countries and companies – it was the most fascinating thing this year to participate in your project.”
Manager 3M

“You showed me that you are ready to walk with me and gave me courage to keep on going through my personal development journey. Your coaching session will always provide an external objective on my plans, and bring a structure towards my vision. Thank you!” 
Professional at Philips.

“Very useful, interesting and presented in a very attractive and understandable way!” 
Training department, Clingendael Institute for International Relations.