Supporting effective cooperation across borders, businesses and professions.


Cooperating across borders, businesses and professions can be quite challenging.

Different perceptions and expectations of teamwork, communication and leadership can lead to miscommunication, resulting in a lack of trust and ultimately impaired business effectiveness.

Through coaching, workshops and consultancy, CMC supports effective cooperation across borders, businesses and professions. Our expert team assists in capitalising on the advantages of individual and cultural differences, leading to more effective cooperation.
Our services are tailor-made; our approach is pragmatic and appreciative.

Our service can be offered in a COVID19 proof manner. Where possible, we prefer working in a live setting over a virtual one, as adjusting to a virtual learning environment is not a culturally neutral activity; some cultures will find it easier than others, which causes inequal learning opportunities that we would like to avoid. We prefer to offer one-and-a-half-meter distance workshops, coaching and training, preferably outdoors. We encourage our clients to work with smaller groups to ensure everyone’s safety. We can offer blended programmes with virtual training and coaching as part of a cross-cultural learning programme, or – if absolutely necessary – even offer training and coaching completely online. Our online assessment and analysis tools support our coaching, training and consulting activities by assessing personal cultural strengths, measuring team and corporate cultures and comparing country culture profiles.

Please contact us for more information and pricing regarding your specific request.